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We offer full featured and scalable wholesale IP Transit services at competitive rates.

Available port sizes: 1GigE & 10GigE
Bond ports in link aggregation for increased capacity
BGP + IPv4 + IPv6 included (full table or default route)
Burstable (metered) or flat rate (unmetered) pricing
BGP communities advertised to you for traffic engineering
BGP communities accepted by you for prepending and blackhole
Carrier class Juniper MX480 routers

We want to reduce your costs and improve your network performance. Drop us an email with your requirements and we'll provide you with up front friendly pricing.

  We're Peering At:
  We're willing to peer with networks that share interconnection points with us. Our peering policy is simple and if we peer with your network, we expect the following:
  • Only send us traffic that is destined for the prefixes we announce to you. Do not point default at us or use static routes to send us traffic that does not match the routes we announce to you.
  • We will announce consistent routes at each exchange point and we expect our peers to do the same.
  • We will supply sufficient capacity for the traffic that we exchange and expect our peers to do the same.
Please contact us at to discuss peering.

  Egress BGP Communities:
  These are communities which are relayed from AS53767 to peers/customers.
  • 53767:1000 Customer Route
  • 53767:2000 Peering Partner Route
  • 53767:3000 AS53767 Originated Route
  • 53767:5000 Upstream Route
  Ingress BGP Communities:
(Action Communities)
  These are communities which are relayed from peers/customers to AS53767.
  • 53767:1610 prepend 1x to AS3257 upstream
  • 53767:1611 prepend 2x to AS3257 upstream
  • 53767:1612 prepend 3x to AS3257 upstream

  • 53767:1710 prepend 1x to AS174 upstream
  • 53767:1711 prepend 2x to AS174 upstream
  • 53767:1712 prepend 3x to AS174 upstream

  • 53767:2010 prepend 1x to any peering partner
  • 53767:2011 prepend 2x to any peering partner
  • 53767:2012 prepend 3x to any peering partner

  • 53767:666 blackhole / discard traffic (/32 only)
Non-exhaustive. Contact to work around a specific situation.

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